Calorie Free Sugar Substitute

EKOSWEET™Originals also includes zero calorie granulated form great for baking

Calorie Free Sugar Substitute

  • EkoSweet™ Sugar Free Syrup
  • EkoSweet™ Stevia Sweetener
  • EkoSweet™ Monkfruit Sweetener

Natural zero-calorie sugar refers to a natural zero-calorie functional substitute formed by co-crystallization technology of erythritol, steviol glycosides, mogrosides, etc., with the original functional characteristics of erythritol and additives sugar products. It can replace sucrose, xylitol, and other synthetic sweeteners in most fields, especially for table and kitchen sugar. It is a better choice for natural, low (zero) calorie diets.

Advantages of natural zero-calorie sugar:

Pure natural, zero calories:

Erythritol, mogroside, and steviol glycosides are naturally extracted sweeteners with zero calories. Therefore, the natural zero-calorie sugar formed by co-crystallization will not cause changes in blood sugar, dental caries, and obesity in consumers.

Uniform sweetness and pure taste:

Since erythritol and additives are entirely dispersed and mixed in a liquid state and then co-crystallized, the sweetness of the natural zero-calorie sugar particles is 100% uniform. Because crystal particles are consistent inside and outside, natural zero-calorie sugar sweetness felt by the taste buds after the entrance is 100% steady before and after. Furthermore, because erythritol has a vital function of masking odors, bad tastes such as traditional medicine bitterness of the additives are entirely masked. These three points are impossible for any physical compounding.

Excellent liquidity, never agglomerated:

Due to the unique processing technology of co-crystallization, natural zero-calorie sugar has excellent fluidity, never agglomerates, and has a long shelf life. It is very suitable for packaging in small bags below 5 grams.

Ability to increase the sweetness arbitrarily according to demand:

The co-crystallization process can form different crystal sugar substitutes equivalent to 1.25 times, 2 times, 4 times, 5 times, 8 times, and 20 times the sweetness of sucrose according to requirements. Additives may include mogroside, stevioside, thaumatin, and the likes.

Able to meet other functional addition requirements:

Functional raw materials that can be added to the co-crystal include vitamins, inorganic salts, protein, dietary fiber, lecithin, cocoa powder, coffee, and so on.

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