Foodgel™ Carrageenan

Foodgel™ product range is able to form gel either in water or protein systems, delivering high gel strength and syneresis control, provide consistency and stability to the end products, such as Meat products, Dairy, pudding etc.

Foodgel™ Carrageenan

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    Foodgel™ Carrageenan

Foodmate has been a pioneer manufacturer of various nutrition and health centric products.  We have put immense effort in the research and development of the Foodgel™ Carrageenan and we aim to improve our products and diversify the range of our versatile offerings.

Foodgel™ product range is capable of creating gel in water and different protein systems, offering syneresis control and high gel strength to provide consistency and stability to the end products including dairy items and various kinds of meat.

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