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Applications for specific products

“We have a range of texture solutions for the dairy industry to make your products unique and with great texture.”

Main Applications:

  • –   Dairy Beverages
  • –   Dairy Desserts
  • –   Processed Cheese
  • –   Cream
  • –   Yoghurt
  • –   Ice cream

What you can achieve:

  • Sugar & Fat Reduction 
  • Thickening
  • Protein stabilisation
  • Stability during shelf life
  • Cost optimisation
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FOODMATE offers premium gelatins and collagens that are pure animal proteins and can be used as a natural complement to meat-based products. Meanwhile, we provide VEGAN Hydrocolloids and Transglutaminase as well, which can work better in yield optimization, fat mimic and succulent bite for meat applications. Their binding, emulsifying, stabilizing and gelling properties make them ideal ingredients for diverse meat, fish and aspic products.

Main Applications:

  • Meat injection
  • Hams
  • Sausages
  • Burgers
  • Reconstituted meat

What you can achieve:

  • Water Retention 
  • Yield optimization
  • Sodium reduction
  • Phosphate replacement
  • Cost optimization
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More delights in confectionery: Confectionery products give consumers of all ages pleasure, fun and enjoyment. Confectionery is all about organoleptic perception, indulgence, texture and flavor release. With our highly versatile ingredients, backed by our in-depth technical and formulation expertise, you can achieve the results you want: elastic, hard, chewy – you name it, we can help you create it.

Just play with gel strength or viscosity of different gums, you can try with Gelatin based, Carrageen based, Konjac gum based,Agar Agar based or Pectin based… you can make the gummies from soft to hard, and from very chewy to less chewy …

From Texture, flavor, coating to even functional supplement adding, we offer whole solution to help our customers to find more delights in confectionery exploration.

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Discover various possibilities for sweet life with Foodsweet™-No Calorie Sweetener.Enjoy every sweet moment of life without worrying of extra K+ to live.

Main Applications:


  • Drinkings:
  • Milk tea
  • Milk shake
  • Hot Cocoa mix
  • Cocktails


  • Cookies
  • cakes
  • breads

What you can achieve:

  • -Ideally sugar replace in taste and dosage
  • -customized packaging for distribution or end use directly
  • -Keto friendl
  • -Added functional effects
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Drinkings & Bakeries

When it gets dark or cold, one bit of dessert can always cheer you up!

FOOMATE can always help create delicious desserts with different gum-based coating solutions. Gelatins are ideal ingredients for cake fillings and coatings because of their excellent foaming, coating and stabilizing properties; Konjac gum and other VEGAN Hydrocolloids works well in VEGAN water jellies, The solutions offered by FOODMATE Functional Ingredients are widely used in water jellies, taking advantage of the gelling and water-binding properties of our products, combined with the ability to enhance brightness and transparency, make them ideal ingredients for creating bright, surprising jelly desserts.

Main Applications:

  • –   Vegan water jellies
  • –   Fruit preparations
  • –   Fruit jams
  • –   Cake dressings
  • –   Coconut Jelly
  • –   Confectionary snacks

What you can achieve:

  • Different texture profiles
  • Transparency
  • Sugar reduction
  • Fruit suspension
  • Low dosage
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