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Calorie Free Sugar Substitute

EKOSWEET™Originals also includes zero calorie granulated form great for baking

EkoSweet™ Monkfruit Sweetener

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EkoSweet™ monkfruit sweetener is perfect mix of monk fruit extract and erythritol. Monk fruit extract is extracted from a small round fruit growing in remote highland of China. It's perfect for cookies, coffee, desserts, and other sweet, sugar-free treats. Monkfruit sweetener has transparent crystal that is classic sugar substitute and also brown crystal that is brown sugar substitute.

Momordica grosvenori is the main active ingredient in monkfruit. It is made from monkfruit as a raw material, extracted, concentrated, and dried. The total content of mogroside in dried fruits is 3.775-3.858%, which is a light yellow powder. Easily soluble in water and dilute ethanol. The sweetening content of monkfruit sweeteners on the market is mostly 20%-98%, and the sweetness ranges from 80 times to 300 times.

  • As a natural sweetener, monkfruit has many advantages than other sweeteners:Natural ingredients: the fruit-derived momordica grosvenori extract can be prepared into mogroside, mogroscopy powder, and mogroscopy juice concentrate and added to food and beverages. It can be directly marked as monkfruit juice/powder on the label, conforming to the clean label.
  • Safety and health: As the first batch of approved "medicinal and edible substances," Monkfruit extract is safe and healthy. Domestic and foreign laws and regulations currently do not limit its specific dosage, and it will not cause blood sugar variations and dental caries. It is an ideal natural sugar substitute. Monkfruit also has a variety of health functions. Traditional medicine believes that monkfruit can moisturize the lungs, relieve cough, cool blood, and moisturize the intestines. Current pharmacological studies have confirmed that monkfruit can relieve cough and expectorant, regulate the movement of the digestive tract, strengthen the body's immunity, be antioxidant, and protect the body.
  • Monkfruit extract tastes very good, has a unique sweet aftertaste, and has no bitterness. It can be used singularly or combined with other sweeteners to expand the taste.
  • Monkfruit extract has good water solubility, good PH value, and thermal stability, so it can be added to almost all food and beverages. It can be widely used in nutrition and health products, baby food, puffed food, seasoning, middle-aged and elderly people, foods, solid beverages, pastries, cold foods, convenience foods, instant foods, etc.

Foodmate is a leading monkfruit sweetener supplier in China: our range of food ingredients include Gelatin, Collagen Peptides, Konjac Gum, Carrageenan and others. Besides, our different calorie-free sugar substitute: EkoSweet™ series is a shining star recently. As a monkfruit sweetener supplier, Foodmate is now looking ahead to becoming a biotechnology company that will continuously contribute to human health and the food industry with the help of innovative technologies. We are committed to bringing together advanced techniques to be an excellent monkfruit sweetener supplier. We have buyers from more than 50 countries as we provide accessible shipment services worldwide. We have become the top monkfruit sweetener supplier in such a little while due to our resilience and unceasing efforts. To be a more competitive monkfruit sweetener supplier worldwide, Foodmate's new and modern factory will start production soon. Are you excited? And also, the R&D of Foodmate is dedicated to lifting competitive capabilities to become a competitive monkfruit sweetener supplier all the time.

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