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FoodGel™ Carrageenan

FoodGel™ product range is able to form gel either in water or protein systems, delivering high gel strength and syneresis control, provide consistency and stability to the end products, such as Meat products, Dairy, pudding etc.
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FoodGel™ Carrageenan

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Carrageenan is a kind of Nature Polysaccharides hydrocolloid which is present in the structures of certain varieties of red seaweed. These Carbohydrates have the ability to form, at very low concentrations, thick solutions, or gels in aqueous media.

Carrageenan is extensively applied in food, medicine, chemically industry, for daily supplies, biological chemistry, building paints, textile printing, and agriculture.

We can provide carrageenan types as below :

  • Kappa, Refined, FoodGel™ 2000
  • Kappa, Semi-refined, FoodGel™ 1000
  • Iota, Refined, FoodGel™ 4000
  • Iota, Semi-refined, FoodGel™ 3000

Why Choose Foodmate's FoodGel™ Carrageenan?

*Technical Support (over 35 years industry R&D experience)
*Global Supply Chain
*Competitive Price
*Customers over 60 Countries
*Outstanding Pre-sale and After-sale Service
*Innovative Technology

Carrageenan shows off-white to snowy or tan to yellowish, it is a free-flowing powder, free of odor or taste. The gel is heat-reversible, it can dissolve after heat up and the solution can gel while colling. Its steady-going, even if it may not reduce gel strength and viscosity for long-term placement. After combining with Konjac, Locust Bean Gum and Xanthan gum. It is able to increase the gel potential with much better elastic.

  • Pet Food Application:

It is extracted from superior class seaweed and applied to pet food manufacturing.

It is a natural food additive, which can be formed into homogeneous gel strength with protein. It can protect the moisture retention of pet food products and minimize water loss of gravy to keep its favorable elasticity and toughness. It can inhibit the dissolution of delicate flavor and reduce pet foods water loss in purpose to prolong its shelf-life.

  • Ice Cream Application

By using Carrageenan with other gums for ice cream, it will improve the rate of expansion, extend the time of melt , and stabilize the protein from carrageenan. During the cooling, carrageenan could control the formation of ice crystals. Preventing whey isolates and also improving the texture and production rate.

  • Processed Cheese application

It is based on carrageenan with adding other additives, can react with proteins to form a good and stable network structure system, improve elasticity and hardness of the cheese, form fine texture, increase viscosity, and glossiness of the cheese and has good slice characteristic.

  • Neutral Milk Beverage and vegetable protein beverage application

It is based on refined carrageenan extracted from natural red seaweed with adding other additives. It can be compounded with other colloids and emulsifiers, used in neutral milk beverage and vegetable protein beverage. Characteristics: Stabilize protein in the products, form a better suspension system by taste, good capacity of releasing flavors.

  • Beer Fining application

One common problem exists in the process of beer production, the protein will appear from the wort. And that may reduce the shelf life of beer and even impact the taste feeling. However, this issue would be solved by using carrageenan to remove the protein from the beer when producing and then create much better taste with high transparency of appearance to attract people.

The products are available in powder or granular form.


Product characteristics:

Less use of dosage, more production, better filterability

Increase yield of wort

Effective protein adsorb

Less total cost & improve quality

  • Yogurt Application

It is one kind of Carrageenan, which is extracted from natural seaweed. It is suitable for acid dairy products, such as yogurt. It has some other characteristics than the general features of common carrageenan:

The general features of common carrageenan:

  • Good acid resistance, maintain steady performance when PH is between 3.5-4.0.
  • Good solubility at low temperatures can be dissolved by stirring at 30°C for 5 min.


Acid-resistance carrageenan used in yogurt has the following functions:

  • Improve the texture and stability of Yogurt
  • Control syneresis, effectively prevent whey from precipitating out.
  • Improve the flavor release, and make yogurt taste smooth and fine.
  • Meat product Thickener Application

In food system, the most important difference of properties between carrageenan and other hydrocolloids is its ability to combine or interact with proteins from meat. In milk protein systems, at peripheral locations on the casein micelle there is a concentration of positive charges. This positive electrostatic charge attracts the negatively-charged sulfate groups of the carrageenan molecule to form linkages among the dispersed casein micelles. Carrageenan’s ability to complex with milk proteins, combined with its water gelling properties enhances carrageenan’s functionality,  increased gel potential. The strength of carrageenan that shows in process of complex with protein is retaining water and keeps gravy from meat after heating. Meanwhile, it also keeps elasticity in meat product and extends shelf-life.

Product Characteristics :

Increase yield

Improve texture and sliceability

Improve moisture retention

Excellent flavor release

  • Jelly Thickener Application

Jelly is quite popular around the world. They are attractive by colorful and cute appearance, with a fresh and fruity flavor, and will be hot sold as a small food & dessert or as an intermediate refreshment by kids and even adults.

Our jelly powder is made by carrageenan as the main raw material, which has a striking features to comparing with other gum.


Product characteristics:

The lower amount of usage without filter

Good moisture retention with high transparency

Good texture with various type

Easy to disperse-quick solubility



  • Soft candy Thickener Application

Soft candies are popular sales in the worldwide market. Soft candy powder is made by carrageenan as the main raw material. It has a much better function than comparing with other gums. The products feature including low calorific value, attractive appearance, no sticky, and would not be so easy melt in summer. In addition, it also could be produced by flavored style with various tastes.


Product Characteristics

Lower cost

High transparency with easy release from mould

Could texture with different types such like elastic or crisp

  • Beverage stabilizer Application

This product series is based on carrageenan and monoglyceride, can react system, improve texture of beverage, increase delicate and thick taste and emulsion stability and reduce precipitation.


Product characteristics :

Extend the shelf life

Improve the texture

Improve the taste

Good Flavor release


  • Carrageenan also has below function:

  • Air freshener application
  • Capsule application
  • Toothpaste application
  • Facial mask application


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