Innovation Drives Food Industry

Foodmate focus on market trend by innovation on technology and application

About Foodmate®

Foodmate Co., Ltd.

Foodmate Co., Ltd. was funded in 2012, with the factory located in Jiujiang city, Jiangxi Province, and the head office in Shanghai, China. Foodmate is a technological innovative enterprise, which is engaged in R&D, manufacture and sales of natural, nutritious and functional products with modern biological technique.Our range of food ingredients include: Gelatin, Collagen Peptides, Konjac Gum,Carrageenan and others.  Besides, our different calorie-free sugar substitute: EkoSweet™ series is a shining star recently.

We are determind to deliver the best solutions for the fields of functional healthcare food, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical capsules, low Kcal foods, and Vegan products. Each day our team with the help of biotechnology, strives to offer global food and health & nutrition companies safe & quality products. Abiding by our mantra, innovation drives the future, we bring forward different food solutions, for various industries. We aim to bing the better life with the innovative solutions. We have drastically invested in developing new and improved technologies to produce food ingredients that cater to our customers.

Looking Forward

Foodmate Co., Ltd. is now looking ahead to becoming a biotechnology company that will continuously contribute to human health and food industry with the help of innovative technologies. Gearing to shape the world for a healthy and nutritious future, we believe in the coming 50 years, nutrition and health will become the gobal megatrend and Foodmate will spare no effort to help the global industry with its product solutions and joint development of new products, and so on.

Our Commitment

We are committed to bringing together advanced techniques to provide high-quality nutrient products. We understand the impact of biotechnology in the emerging food ingredients manufacturing market, and we can meet the complex requirements linked to that.

We look forward to providing different industry with innovative solutions.

Safety Standards 

We have a mature quality management system to meet different customers. With the different food safety certification, our customers coming more than 50 countries has built connection with Foodmate.

Foodmate Factory

Mission: Let our innovative food ingredients power global food industry
Vision: To be the leading global food ingredients technology company
Value: Technology drives our innovation
, and our service capture markets

——《Vision & Mission & Value》

Our Advantage

  • Customized Production

    • Provide customized products to specific demands, offer full range of products based on application solution.
  • One-stop Technical service:

    • Provide the technical support from product development to application exploration, become the technical center of our customers.

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Apply for Sample or Submit Request

Contact us for more information on Technical Support, Free Sample, FOB Price, etc. You will be replied within 6 hours.