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Collagen peptides are small-molecule active peptides extracted from collagen through biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology. The relative molecular mass is several hundred to several thousand. After being taken by the human body, it can be absorbed well, and the absorption rate can reach more than 90%. Peptides are between amino acids and proteins. They are larger than amino acid molecules and smaller than protein molecules. They are formed by the dehydration condensation of two or more amino acids to form several peptide bonds.

Collagen peptides are made from collagen or gelatin through protease degradation treatment. They have high digestion and absorption properties, unlike the properties of gelatin, and have strong absorption. Generally speaking, the lower the molecular weight, the better the solubility and the more potent absorbency.

Collagen peptides have high nutritional and processing properties. Ingestion of collagen peptides can promote bone formation, strengthen the structure of bone collagen under low calcium levels, thereby increasing bone strength, that is, achieving the effect of preventing osteoporosis; Collagen peptides can be used as a metabolic agent to promote collagen biosynthesis in organisms and improve the aging and functional decline of biological tissues caused by aging;

Collagen peptide also has an excellent preventive and therapeutic effect on arthritis and other collagen diseases; in addition, collagen peptide also has many other special physiological functions: such as protecting gastric mucosa and anti-ulcer, anti-allergic effect, and inhibiting blood pressure rise. Some particular amino acids in collagen peptides also have anti-cancer effects.

Foodmate is a leading collagen peptides manufacturer from China: our range of food ingredients includes Gelatin, Collagen Peptides, Konjac Gum, Carrageenan, and others.  Besides, our different calorie-free sugar substitute: the EkoSweet™ series been a shining star recently. As a wholesale collagen manufacturer, Foodmate is now looking ahead to becoming a biotechnology company that will continuously contribute to human health and the food industry with the help of innovative technologies. We are committed to bringing together advanced techniques to be an excellent collagen peptides supplier. Having buyers from more than 50 countries worldwide as we provide accessible shipment services worldwide, we have become the top collagen peptides exporter in a little while due to our resilience and unceasing efforts. To be a more competitive wholesale collagen manufacturer worldwide, Foodmate’s new and modern factory will start production soon. Are you excited? And also, the R&D of Foodmate is dedicated to lifting competitive capabilities to become a competitive collagen peptides manufacturer all the time.

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