FoodGum™ products are a complete product range of Konjac gum, covering a wide spectrum of functionalities in the food and nutrition industriesmaking good use of glucomannan (KGM)’s function as a water-soluble dietary fiber and a high molecular polysaccharidebonds, it works a lot in Capsule filling, weight loss products and VEGAN products.

FoodGum™ Konjac Gum

  • konjac gum foodmate
    FoodGum™ Konjac Gum 25
  • konjac gum foodmate
    FoodGum™ Konjac Gum 36

Konjac is a perennial herbaceous plant in thearaceae family. It is a healthy food with low heat energy, low protein and high dietary fiber. The main ingredient is glucoman-nan (KGM).

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