Foodgel™ Carrageenan

Foodgel™ product range is able to form gel either in water or protein systems, delivering high gel strength and syneresis control, provide consistency and stability to the end products, such as Meat products, Dairy, pudding etc.
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Foodgel™ Carrageenan

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Carrageenan is a hydrophilic colloid extracted from marine red algae, such as Irish moss and Gigartina. It is a natural polysaccharide, and its primary raw materials include Eucheuma and Kappaphycus. The color of carrageenan is generally white to light yellow powder ,with no odor or taste. Carrageenan can completely dissolve in water at 80°C, forming a thermoreversible gel. This means that the gel can melt into a solution when heated and re-form into a gel when the solution cools.

Carrageenan has a synergistic effect with other colloids like konjac gum and locust bean gum, significantly altering their gel properties and enhancing gel elasticity and water retention. Carrageenan finds wide applications in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, daily chemical industry, agriculture, construction, and other fields. Due to its high content of dietary fiber, approaching 70%, carrageenan is also commonly used in functional foods.

General Applications:

• Jelly Pudding
• Meat Products
• Gummies
• Dairy Products
• Frozen Drinks
• Pet Food
• Soft Capsules

Jelly Pudding

The Foodgel™ J series and Foodgel™ P series are made of natural seaweed extract-ed carrageenan as the
main raw materials, which are scientifically compounded and easy to operate, suitable for jelly and pudding
products and can be customised with different textures such as Q-bouncy, crunchy, tender and smooth products.

1, Crystal clear
2, Reduced syneresis (water separation)
3, Excellent flavor release
4, Customizable for exclusive use

Meat Products

The Foodgel™ M series utilizes carrageenan extracted from natural seaweed. Upon heating, it forms a substantial network structure that retains a large amount of moisture in meat products, reducing the loss of meat juices. It also imparts excellent elasticity. Simulta-neously, carrageenan undergoes a synergistic reaction with precipitated salt-soluble proteins, creating a matrix that enhances the firmness of the meat. Additionally, it inhibits the dissolution and volatilization of savory components, lowers the water activity of meat products, and extends the shelf life of meat products. Foodgel™ MZ series for inject type meat products, Foodgel™ MR series for chop and roll type meat products and Foodgel™ MX series for crab stick products.

1, Enhance water and oil retention properties
2, Exhibit excellent emulsification effects
3, Provide a soft, elastic, and firm texture


The Foodgel™ C series is primarily formulated with carrageenan extracted from natural seaweed. Through scientific
blending, it offers easy handling, strong versatility, and can be used in the preparation of various products such as fruit and vegetable cakes, soft candies, and more.There are two main categories, Foodgel™ CG series for gelatin-like taste soft candy, Foodgel™CN series for typical taste soft candy.

1, Crystal clear, enticing appearance
2, Easy to mold, simple to operate
3, Non-sticky, excellent flavor release
4, Pure plant-based formula

Dairy Products

The carrageenan Foodgel™ DB series can be blended with other colloids and emulsifiers for use in neutral dairy beverages such as low-temperature yogurt, room-temperature yogurt, whipped cream, and plant-based protein beverages. It effectively enhances protein stability and forms a stable suspension frame-work through a binding reaction with proteins.

1, Extend product shelf life
2, Enhance and improve texture
3, Excellent flavor release effect
4, Pure plant-based formula

Frozen Drinks

The Foodgel™ I series is a stabilizer for ice cream formulations, primarily composed of colloids such as carrageenan, locust bean gum, and guar gum. When applied to frozen beverages like ice cream, carrageenan undergoes a binding reaction with proteins, forming a stable network structure. This structure creates a smooth texture and reduces ice crystal formation.

1, Reduce and inhibit the formation of ice crystals
2, Increase ice cream expansion rate and resistance to melting
3, Form a network structure through a reaction with proteins, enhancing the creamy texture

Pet Food

The Foodgel™ PF series utilizes high-quality carrageenan extracted from premium seaweed. It is a natural gelling agent that forms a uniform matrix with proteins, retaining significant moisture, reducing the loss of meat juices, and exhibiting excellent elastic gel characteristics.

1, Excellent thickening and emulsification effects
2, Enhance water and oil retention properties
3, Inhibit the dissolution and volatilization of savory components, lowers
4, The water activity of meat products, and extends shelf life

Soft Capsules

The Foodgel™ CP series uses high-quality, pure natural seaweed as its raw material, ensuring high safety standards. It is suitable for individuals with different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs, including Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Vegetarians, etc. It serves as an ideal alternative to animal-based capsules.

1, Excellent film-forming characteristics and gel effects
2, Provides sufficient capsule wall strength and gloss
3, Short disintegration time ensures capsule stability with safety and no side
effects; resistant to brittleness at low temperatures and deformation at high
4, No unfriendly odors during long-term storage

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