The Foodmate FIC 2023 exhibition comes to a successful conclusion


On March 17th, the 26th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC2023) came to a close at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 1,500 well-known domestic enterprises brought their latest achievements to the exhibition, presenting a brilliant new chapter for the food industry.

Foodmate has always been committed to the research and development of food additives and ingredients, continuously pursuing innovation and excellence. FIC2023 is not only an opportunity to showcase our latest achievements, but also a platform for communication and discussion with industry peers and global customers. At the FIC2023, Foodmate presented a "new breakthrough," bringing rich products, diverse application solutions, and service experiences to the exhibition, attracting a large number of visitors to our booth.

For nearly 10 years, Foodmate has been dedicated to research and development, providing high-quality raw materials and services to the dietary supplement, food and beverage, meat, and other industries.

At FIC2023, Foodmate showcased many of its flagship products, such as FoodPro™ B Functional Protein, FoodGel™ Carrageenan, BeautiPep™ Collagen Peptide, and microencapsulated vanillin. Not only did Foodmate provide more solutions for natural and healthy food to the global market, but also fully demonstrated its technological research and development achievements and comprehensive strength. This exhibition showcased a perfect integration of products and brand culture.

The juicy chicken cutlet is made using functional animal protein products from our group. This product can improve the texture and slicability of the chicken cutlet, while maintaining its fibrous mouthfeel, making it more juicy and tender. At the same time, its "clean label" satisfies modern consumers' pursuit of health and nutrition.

The FoodGel™ J series compound thickeners are designed for various types of jelly. Due to their excellent water retention and high gel strength, they increase the clarity and texture of the jelly. The FoodGel™ J series is extracted from plants and is friendly to vegetarians!

In addition, the BeautiPep™ product line was showcased at the exhibition as an additive for milk tea and other beverages, specifically developed for beauty and health purposes. The natural low-molecular-weight freshwater fish collagen has a molecular weight of 2000D, providing better taste and a lighter aroma. Moreover, it dissolves quickly and can be easily added to various products.

As consumers increasingly focus on the health and nutritional value of food, they are paying more attention to the source of food ingredients. As a result, the use of natural food ingredients has become a global trend. At Foodmate, we ensure that our business operates in an environmentally friendly manner. We have independently designed and use more environmentally friendly FCS level packaging materials that are globally applicable, thereby continuing our commitment to sustainable development. We integrate overseas customer standards to contribute to promoting trade and economic and environmental sustainability.

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