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Customer Cases

In addition to providing products, Foodmate also provides professional support. In view of the problems encountered by customers in the actual production process, our expert team analyzed and discussed this problem, proposed effective customized solutions, and helped customers solve the corresponding problems, so that Foodmate has been widely recognized and praised.

Dairy Manufacturer from Korea

Customer’s Problem

They cannot produce yogurt as their requirements but the yogurt is too hard and almost become solid.

Problem Analysis

Drinking yogurt need lower bloom gelatin but yogurt for eat is different and need higher bloom.

Our solutions

  • We suggest him to reduce gelatin in formulas;
  • Choose another type of gelatin next time;
  • We recommend drinking yogurt with 160-180 bloom, yogurt for eat with 220bloom.

Confectionery Manufacturer from Italy

Customer’s Problem

One of our customers complained that the gummy they produced is too soft.

Problem Analysis

  • Gel strength is too low;
  • Dosage of gelatin is too low.

Our solutions

  • We recommend 220 Bloom gelatin;
  • We suggest that gelatin is dissolving completely, degraded by proper temperature and acid addition.

Customer Comments

I am from Vietnam, I know Foodmate from exhibition, we use Foodmate gelatin since 2015, we get the most suitable gelatin. This year, we visit their factory in Jiangxi Province, we see they are very professional and Foodmate team give me warm welcome. We not only trust their products but also rely on their service, Foodmate is really our loyal mate.

I am from India, our capsule factory purchased gelatin from Foodmate since 2012. Foodmate gave us the most suitable gelatin with good quality and they can guarantee timely delivery. If we meet problem in our capsule production, their technical support team can give us advice and supply the accurate gelatin solutions, we hope we can still cooperate.

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