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I. Quality Guarantee

Quality Control System

Our facility

  • National first-class instrument (bloom tester、viscometer、atomic absorption spectrometry etc)
  • Before the new instrument put into use, the quality supervisor should send it to the national legal inspection agency
  • For the instrument in use, the quality supervisor should formulate a periodic verification plan according to the period specified in the "List of Testing Equipment" and submit it for inspection (third party calibration once a year)
  • Inspectors do daily cleaning of testing instrument

Our Engineer

  • More than 10+ years average working experience
  • 6 full-time Senior Chemist
  • 8 undergraduates and above

Joint Test

Factory Quality Lab. + Shanghai R & D center

Quality Control

Strictly implement the quality management system HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, HALAL

Quality control like

  • Formulate the production process flow chart
  • Incoming inspection
  • Management of production equipment maintenance, cleaning, disinfection etc.
  • Production process quality management
  • Test instrument management
  • Inspection regulations for semi-finished & finished products
  • Non-conforming product management
  • Traceability control

Quality assurance

  • Employee health management
  • Develop employee work instructions
  • Staff ability training
  • Food safety self-inspection system

Inspection before Shipment


  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Package details (share cargo photo and video to clients before delivery)

Customer inspection

  • Support pre-shipment sample test before delivery (attached with our test method)
  • Support Client-designated third-party test (like:SGS,BV etc)
  • Support customer on-site inspection

II. Supplier Guarantee

Setting of Evaluation Standards

  • Comprehensive Management Capability - Organization / Operation Plan / Human Resources / Corporate Culture / Ethics
  • Quality System - System / Quality Control / Quality Assurance
  • Production capacity - equipments / capacity / shift / bottle / process
  • Technology development capability – R & D investment / developers / development speed / technical services
  • Cost Control Capability - Cost Reduction Plan / KPI Management
  • Financial Capability - Financial Stability / Operating Capability / Financing Capability
  • Communication skills - speed / attitude / language / information technology
  • Service - delivery quality / timeliness / improvement methods and plans / customer satisfaction

Suppliers Selection Procedure

III. Service Guarantee

FOODCHEM Customer Service Center focus on services.

  • Supervision and execution of marketing activities
  • Customer care
  • Customer complaints handling
  • Order execution service supervision
  • Customized services for VIP customers
  • Customer satisfaction survey
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