Foodmate Gelatin Solution in Dairy Products



Gelatin is the hydrolysis product of collagen, a high protein without fat and without cholesterol, a natural and nutritious food thickener. Gelatin is also a powerful protective colloid with strong emulsifying power, which can inhibit the coagulation of milk and soy milk proteins caused by the action of gastric acid after entering the stomach, thus facilitating food digestion. So, what are the applications of gelatin in dairy products?

Yogurt products

Gelatin allows low-fat yogurt to achieve a similar tissue state as yogurt with high cream content, improving consumer acceptability. In yogurt products, gelatin molecules function to form a weak gel mesh structure that prevents whey exudation and separation. The stabilizing ability and high melting point of high-strength gelatin allow it to be used alone in yogurt products.

Sour thin cream

Sour thin cream includes full-fat, low-fat and skimmed products. Depending on the fat content in the sour cream and the desired structural state of the tissue, gelatin and other stabilizers such as vegetable gum or modified starch are usually used together to achieve a good appearance, smooth taste and good texture of the product.

Low fat cream

Gelatin is widely used as an emulsion stabilizer and tissue forming agent in products such as low-fat creams. Products spiked with gelatin have sensory properties similar to those of spreadable cream. The stabilizing effect of gelatin inhibits the destructive effect on emulsification during storage and spreading.

The melting characteristics and the gelatinous nature of gelatin in the mouth ensure that low-fat products have similar organoleptic properties and tissue status to the corresponding high-fat products. Gelatin is used in applications where it is used in very low quantities and is a relatively inexpensive ingredient. It is also an easy-to-use hydrocolloid that is readily dispersed and hydrated in dairy processing. In cases where gelatin alone cannot achieve the desired product organization and process conditions, gelatin can be used in combination with other hydrocolloids (e.g. agar) to make it more widely and perfectly used in dairy products.

Soft Fat Cheese

Gelatin is used to stabilize and control the precipitation of whey by binding with water during the manufacture of cream cheese and spread cheese. The melting point of gelatin is close to human body temperature, which gives the product a smooth and creamy texture, satisfying flavor and organoleptic properties.

Foodmate Gelatin

Foodmate Gelatin and dairy products are the ideal pair. Gelatin can be used as a fat substitute , together with polysaccharides, gives dairy products the best possible taste and texture. It can be used to its fullest potential as an Anti whey precipitation, emulsion stabiliser and foam control.

Suitable for yoghurt, reconstituted cheese, cream and other products.

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