The king of stabilizers in beverage production – FibroMcc


Facing these problems in beverage production?

  • Protein precipitation
  • Fat separation
  • Powder long reset precipitation/ agglomeration
  • Stratification in shelf time

Don't worry! The stabilizer can solve all these problems easily!

All these problems above not only affect the taste of the beverage but also affect the flavor and quality of the beverage.

The successful development of stabilizers has completely solved this problem, which has become an obbligato additive for the beverage industry.

Development of stabilizer: Single stabilizer - Compound stabilizer

The FibroMcc is an excellent compound stabilizer.

FibroMcc is a compound containing microcrystalline cellulose and CMC with colloid characteristics, which has a very good emulsification stable performance in the beverage.

  • A microscopic particle with porous, which shows high absorbency.
  • Strong hydrophilic dispersion.
  • High reaction capacity

Take a look at the experimental performance of FibroMc:

Test itemFibroMccOther Stabilizer
 Performance of Stability Supported by network structure  Dependence on viscosity prevents particles from sinking 
Mechanism of Stability Molecules with the same negative charge repel each other, preventing network molecules from coming together and preventing flocculation Increasing the fluid viscosity while decreasing the particle sinking rate
Result of sedimentationNot SinkingSinking slowly

After comparing the experimental results, the FibroMcc fully deserved the king of the stabilizer!

FibroMcc is not kind of an ordinary MCC. Here, take a look at the production process diagram:

Comparative itemMCCFibroMcc
 Raw materials  Cotton or wood pulp containing cellulose  Cotton or wood pulp containing cellulose + CMC 
   EffectsAnti-taking maintain liquidity place the taste of fat Anti-taking
maintain liquidity
Replace the taste of fat
negatively charged network structure
Heat resistance
ApplicationsSpecial nutritional food (low calorie, low-fat food, etc.)
Neutral dairy beverage stabilize
frozen cream stabilizes
rice cream emulsion stabilizer
backing stuffing filler
Flavoring stabilizer

Once you get FibroMcc, no more trouble in producing beverages!

Application scenarios Targeted problem.Suggestion dosage specific function
High calcium milkCalcium, protein precipitation, and stratification retard the rise of fat.0.3%     Emulsion stability, gelatabilityThermal stabilityfatty replacerFlavor carrier, flavor retention agentFull texture and smooth texture of fat
Peanut milkProtein deposits, fat floats up0.25%
Corn juiceStarch precipitates and clumps0.25%
Coffee milky.Coffee deposits, lumps0.25%
CocoaCocoa and protein precipitate, fat floats up0.3%
Ice creamIce crystal formation, poor taste0.3%-1%
Fillings for toastPenniless taste0.3%-1%
Fillings for breadPenniless taste0.3%-1%
CreamPenniless taste0.3%-1%
Frozen yogurtPenniless taste0.3%-1%
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