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If I could sum up in one word what I've heard my family say most over the past few years, joint pain would have to be the word that is infinitely blackened, bolded and amplified. "When this back of mine starts to hurt, it means it's going to change."

"Whenever the temperature drops and it's rainy, my joints start to ache."

"Hey, I'm struggling to walk here, so I'd better not go out."

As these voices grew, Formica began to pay more attention to this group of people who are plagued by "arthritis".

Today I would like you to join me and hear the story of this group.

12-year-old Fei

Two-year-old Fei was lying in an ICU bed with a sudden fever and body aches, and his father took him to several local hospitals to no avail. He was finally diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (generalised) at Shanghai Children's Hospital. At first, his father was relieved to hear that it was arthritis, "What could be so wrong with arthritis?"

But the doctor's next words made his heart sink to the bottom again. The doctor explained to him that idiopathic arthritis is a rheumatic immune disease that is often associated with systemic damage and that the juvenile form particularly affects the child's development and can be disabling or even life-threatening.

A senior white-collar worker Betty

Betty, a senior white-collar worker in a well-known company in Shanghai, had noticed stiff joints and unexplained pain in her finger joints after waking up in the morning two years ago, but at first she didn't think it was a big deal. Recently, she was suddenly worried about her work and was always making mistakes.

Why did this happen?

It turned out that the stiffness and pain in her joints, which she hadn't paid much attention to before, made it almost impossible for her to hold a pen and type, and her work was seriously affected. She took time off work to see a doctor and was diagnosed with "rheumatoid arthritis".

60-year-old Grandma Chen

This is the sixth year of knee pain for Grandma Chen, who has never had the opportunity to visit a hospital in order to bring up her two grandchildren, who are now grown up and crippled.

Her knee had just started to hurt inexplicably and occasionally affected her lower back. The hospital in her hometown diagnosed it as osteoarthritis and took oral painkillers to deal with it. But the painkillers didn't seem to work too well for her, but she thought nothing of it and continued to bear the pain with her grandchildren.

As time went by, her knees became more and more unsteady and she gradually walked with a limp. This time she finally made up her mind to treat her illness because she could hardly walk anymore, her right knee had become severely deformed and her legs had turned into a big K.

Foodmate Collagen Peptide - ArthrPep™ For Joint Health

By the time these stories are written, they are pains that have been with the sick for years. There are 355 million people worldwide who suffer from arthritis and in Asia, one in six people will develop arthritis at some point in their lives. The number of sufferers has continued to grow over the years as demographics change and there is an increasing trend towards younger people.

In order to help this special, but no longer niche, group of people, Formetic has conducted years of research and found that collagen peptides are effective in replenishing joints and increasing bone density, and has launched ArthrPep™ Collagen Peptide for joint health. Only with the right amount of collagen can calcium be adequately bound and synthesised and deposited in the bones, strengthening them and making them tougher and more resilient. Collagen enables the body to bind calcium to bone cells, strengthening them and making them less susceptible to calcium loss. This is how a range of problems such as bone and joint diseases can be solved.

It's too late to regret the pain. This is a cliché in life, but one that people with arthritis and their families wish they had understood earlier. I hope you can remember to take care of your family and your own health so that you can radiate beauty from the inside out!

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