Textural effects of gelatin in fondant


With the gradual expansion of the confectionery industry, the the production process of soft candies has become more refined and The variety of flavours has also diversified. This has resulted in the fudge industry becoming increasingly competitive in the confectionery industry. The overall market size is also growing year on year. Taste, form and texture These are important criteria for the fondant circuit. Depending on the ingredients of the fondant The overall taste and texture of the product varies. The main factor affecting the texture of fondant is the 'gelatin'.

Specific categories of fudge

  1. The gums often used in fondant are classified as pectin, gelatin, carrageenan and complex gums.
  2. Depending on the colloid used, fondant is divided into.
  3. Plant gum type gel candies, the gums often used are carrageenan and pectin etc.
  4. Animal type gel confectionery, the colloid often used is gelatin.
  5. Starch-based gel confectionery, where the colloid often used is modified starch.
  6. Mixed gum-type gel confectionery, consisting of two or more different types of edible gums, such as QQ candy.

The textural role of gelatin in fondant

The hardness of gelatin gummies increases with the amount of gelatin added and the chewiness becomes stronger. Different sources of gelatin have different flavours. At the same level, gelatine from pig skin is hard and chewy; gelatin from cow is medium hard and chewy; Gelatin from fish scales is less hard, less chewy, less heat stable and more viscous.

Gelatin is presented as a three-dimensional mesh structure in fondant, which has the function of absorbing water and supporting the skeleton. Syrup and flavour pigments are wrapped in the three-dimensional mesh structure to form a stable structure.

Gelatin Gummies - Little Science

  • Do I need to add gelatin to chewing gum?

It is generally not necessary to add it. Chewing gum is regulated as a gum-based confectionery and the added gum base is insoluble gum.

  • Is bovine gelatin more resilient and therefore better for fondant?

Bovine gelatin is tougher than porcine gelatin and is better suited to making tough fondant like haribo. Which source of gelatin you use will still depend on the toughness of the fondant you want!

  • Is gelatin the only thing used in confectionery?

Of course not, gelatin is actually used in milk candies and aerated sweets.

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