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Maltodextrin refers to a starch-based raw material that is hydrolyzed by acid or enzyme to a low degree, refined, concentrated, sterilized, dried, and sieved into powdery products. It does not contain starch derivatives of free starch and has a DE value of 20%. the following. Its main composition is dextrin with a polymerization degree of 10 or more and a small number of oligosaccharides with a polymerization degree of 10 or less.

Maltodextrin is a low conversion product of starch, whose molar mass is between starch and starch sugar. Its raw materials are starchy corn, rice, etc., and it can also be refined starch, such as corn starch, wheat starch, cassava starch, and the like. The main component is dextrin and contains polysaccharides, tetrasaccharides or oligosaccharides with more than tetrasaccharides, and also contains a small amount of maltose and glucose.

The main properties of maltodextrin are directly related to the degree of hydrolysis (DE)

SweetnessSugar molecules are all larger molecules
with more than tetrasaccharides
No sweet tasteLow sweetnessSlightly sweet
ViscosityStrong stickinessA certain viscosityDoes not increase viscosity

Maltodextrin according to different DE values has different functions and properties: such as thickening, gelling, reducing product sweetness, changing the freezing point of the system, inhibiting the growth of ice crystals, replacing fat, reducing thermal energy, improving texture and being used as a spray or Dry carrier, etc.

KofMate™ Brown Maltodextrin
KofMate™ Brown Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is used in the pharmaceutical industry:

Maltodextrin has higher solubility and a certain degree of fusion and can be used as an excipient and filler for tablets or granules. This is incomparable to raw starch or sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. In medicine, it is mainly used as an adjuvant for traditional Chinese medicine preparations. It is granulated after mixing with drug extracts, and the amount is usually 6% -15%. It can be used as coating materials, thinners for tablets and capsules, tablet adhesives, thickeners.

In the process of direct compression or wet granulation or soft materials, maltodextrin is used as a binder and diluent for tablets, and it has no adverse effect on the dissolution rate of tablets or capsules. Maltodextrin can be used as a tablet-coating film material in an aqueous film coating process. Maltodextrin with a high glucose equivalent (DE) is particularly suitable for use in chewable tablet formulations. Maltodextrin can be used to increase solution viscosity or prevent the syrup from crystallizing. Because the maltodextrin solution has a lower permeability than an isothermal glucose solution, it is often used therapeutically as an oral nutritional substitute for sugar. Under the condition of the same permeability in the body, maltodextrin provides more calories than sugar.

KofMate™ Brown Maltodextrin
KofMate™ Brown Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is used in the food industry:

This product is widely used in candy, beverage, instant food, canned food, dairy products, soy products, baking, dehydrated vegetables and so on. It can also be used as personal health food.

(1) Application in the candy industry

The application of maltodextrin in candy as a raw material can increase the toughness of the candy and prevent the candy from "sanding back" and "curing." In particular, it can reduce the sweetness of the candy, change the taste, improve the tissue structure, reduce dental disease, and reduce Tooth sticking, improving flavor, preventing deliquescent, extending shelf life, greatly extending the shelf life of candy. Dosage is generally 10% -40%.

(2) Application in the beverage industry

The use of maltodextrin as the basic raw material, combined with reasonable blending, greatly highlights the original natural flavor, reduces nutrition loss, improves dissolution performance, enhances consistency, improves taste, reduces sweetness, and improves economic benefits. The traditional ice cream powder is made of milk, eggs, starch and other raw materials, which is not only costly but also has an obvious eggy taste and starchy taste. The ice cream powder is made with maltodextrin as an auxiliary material. It is rich in nutrition, easy to be absorbed by the human body, does not contain cholesterol, has pure flavor, delicate taste, and refreshing taste. It is a good product in cold food beverages. It uses maltodextrin as a carrier to produce solid wine, instant tea, and instant coffee, which can not only maintain Product taste, but also improve flavor, and can increase instant solubility and consistency and reduce costs.

   ① Used in solid drinks, such as milk tea, fruit crystal, instant tea, and solid tea, can maintain the characteristics and aroma of the original product, reduce costs, the product tastes mellow and delicate, the flavor and aroma are very good, and the effect of instant dissolution is excellent, which inhibits the precipitation of crystals. Good emulsification effect and obvious carrier effect. The reference dosage is 10% -30%. Suitable for producing maltodextrin with a DE value of 24-29 for coffee partners, the dosage can be as high as 70%.

   ② Used in fruit juice drinks, such as coconut milk juice, peanut almond milk, and various lactic acid drinks, with strong emulsification ability, original nutritional flavors such as fruit juice are unchanged, easily absorbed by the human body, the viscosity is increased, the product is pure, and the stability is good It is not easy to precipitate. Used in sports drinks, the maltodextrin in the metabolism of the human body, heat consumption for human consumption is easy to maintain balance, gastrointestinal digestion and absorption load is small. The reference dosage is 5% -15%.

   ③ Used in frozen foods such as ice cream, ice cream, or popsicles. The ice particles swell finely, have good stickiness, mild sweetness, little or no cholesterol, pure flavor, clean mouth, good taste, dosage 10% -25 %.


(3) Application in convenience food

Adding maltodextrin to the convenience food ingredients can greatly improve the flavor of the product, increase variety, reduce costs, and improve economic benefits. At present, the production of children's food in China is not high. The main problem is that there is no ideal "carrier" and its products are not easy to digest and cannot be digested. To meet the actual needs of children, if easy-to-digest maltodextrin is used as a "carrier" to develop children's food, it will meet the actual needs of children and promote their healthy growth.

(4) Application in canned food

The main role of maltodextrin in various canned or soup foods is to increase consistency and improve structure, appearance, and flavor. Used in solid seasonings, spices, powdered fats, and other foods, it plays the role of dilution and filling, can prevent moisture and agglomeration, and make the product easy to store. It can also function as a substitute oil in powder grease.

(5) Application in dairy products

Maltodextrin can be added to dairy products such as milk powder to make the product swell, make it less caking, fast-dissolving, and has good brewing properties, extend the shelf life of the product, reduce costs, and increase economic benefits. It can also improve the nutrition ratio, increase the nutrition ratio, and be easy to digest and absorb. The role of maltodextrin in formulating functional milk powders, especially sucrose-free milk powders, infant milk powders, etc. has been confirmed. The reference dosage is 5% -20%.

(6) Application in nutritional snack foods

Used in nutritional snack foods such as soy milk powder, instant oatmeal, and malted milk, with good taste and instant thickening effect, to avoid precipitation and stratification, can absorb the smell of soy or milk, extend the retention period, refer to Dosage is 10% to 25%.

(7) Application in baked goods

In baked goods, it is used for biscuits or other convenience foods, full in shape, smooth in surface, clear in color, and good in appearance. The product is crunchy and delicious, with a moderate sweetness. It does not stick to the teeth and leaves no residue. There are a few defective products and long shelf life. The reference dosage is 5% -10%.

(8) Application in the production of dehydrated vegetables

Maltodextrin can be used in the production of dehydrated vegetables to maintain the original color of the vegetables and increase the taste of the food. It is mainly used in the soaking process of dehydrated vegetables as the raw material of the soaking solution. The amount in the soaking solution is 10% -20%.

(9) Maltodextrin is used in condiments, and the process used is spray drying or extrusion.

It has the characteristics of anti-crystallization and preventing the freezing point from falling, which can increase the solid content and thicken; adding in the sauce can make it shiny. Maltodextrin is suitable for powdery seasonings because of its low hygroscopicity: it is suitable for addition in powdery seasonings and can be used as a carrier for spices.

RESISTANT Maltodextrin
RESISTANT Maltodextrin
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