Knowledge-Konjac gum and Synergy with Carrageenan


Konjac, also known as Magic tuber and konyaku, represents a group of perennial herbal plants of Araceae family.
Konjac usually harvested once a year in October and China is rich in the resource.
Konjac distributed mainly in the mountainous regions. Grown mainly between 400 and1500 meters above the sea level.


Structure analysis shows that it has good synergistic effect between k-Carrageenan and konjac gum, it forms kappa carrageenan network structure and crosslinking network system of konjac gum through the intermolecular hydrogen bonds. When w (carrageenan): w (KGM) is 5.5:4.5, Compound gum reach to the maximum gel hardness, chewiness and gumminess. And with the increasing proportion of konjac gum in the mixed gum, adhesiveness and elasticity increased. The gel strength increased with the increase of the total gum concentration

Relationship between viscosity and shear rate of K-carrageen gum, konjac gum and their compound gel
Relationship between storage modulus G' or loss modulus G" and frequency of K-carrageenan gum, konjac gum and their compoud gel.
Reference to Journal of Chinese Industitute of Food Science and Technology in 2012.
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