Foodmate was honored to receive the first prize in the 2021 Jiangxi Science and Technology Progress Award.


The Jiangxi Provincial People's Government announced the list of the 2021 Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Awards on June 30. The "Key Technology and Application Research of New High-Quality Fish Protein Glue Preparation" project jointly completed by Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang University team and Jiangxi Fumeitai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. won the first prize of Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.

The Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award is one of the five provincial science and technology awards. It is an award given to scientific and technological workers and organizations that have made important contributions to the scientific and technological progress and economic and social development of Jiangxi Province.

About this technology research and development project

my country is a major aquatic country in the world, ranking first in the world for more than 30 consecutive years. Aquatic products are an important source of animal protein in human food and play an important role in promoting human health. The scientific and technological level of my country's aquatic product processing industry is still far behind that of advanced countries.

The fish residue after processing is a kind of animal protein resource that needs to be further developed and utilized. This project uses extreme conditions treatment technology, chemical modification, biological modification, macromolecular self-assembly modification and other technologies to develop a series of functional fish protein glue products, leading the innovative application and promotion of new high-quality fish protein glue in the food industry , which provides a new idea for making full use of fish protein resources.

About Foodmate

Foodmate Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of a diversified product portfolio. It has been deeply engaged in the research of functional proteins, hydrocolloids, zero-calorie sugars and functional food ingredients for more than ten years.

In 2022, our second-phase production base will be officially put into operation. On the basis of the new base and the technology of this project, we will further research and develop functional fish collagen peptide series products to provide high-quality nutritional products and innovative solutions for global customers.

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