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The pudding evolved from the ancient term for 'bits of cloth' laced with blood sausage, and the present-day pudding made from eggs, flour and milk was handed down from the Saxons of the time. In medieval monasteries, a "mixture of fruit and oatmeal" was called a "pudding". The official appearance of the pudding was made in the 16th century during the reign of Elizabeth I, when it was combined with gravy, fruit juice, dried fruit and flour.

Classification of puddings

The name comes from the English translation of pudding, which is divided into baked pudding and frozen pudding, and frozen pudding is classified as jelly in the national standard.

Baked pudding.
Milk/light cream + sugar + eggs mixed and baked.
Gelatinous pudding.
Milk/light cream + sugar + compound hydrocolloid mixed and heated, then cooled and solidified.

The difference of carrageenan in gelatinous pudding

Gelatin is generally used to make puddings in restaurants. It takes a long time to set and then is frozen at 5-7°C. It is not heated and tends to melt. It takes a long time to freeze and generally needs to be reduced to room temperature and then refrigerated at 5-7°C. It cannot be heated and melts very easily when served.

By combining hydrocolloids, the freezing time can be reduced by more than 50% and the taste can be adjusted to a baked pudding according to the gelatin recipe, which can be heated to 45 degrees without melting.

Carrageenan in Pudding

Method of direct use as a thickening agent.

Generally the main body is milk or partly light cream, according to the taste needs matcha powder, instant coffee, fruit powder, vegetable powder, cheese powder, etc. can be added.
The sweetening part can use white sugar, condensed milk, honey, zero calorie sugar, etc. The amount of compound colloid added can be adjusted according to the customer's needs.
Heating temperature is 90-100°C, cooling to below 60°C and slowly starting to freeze, generally around 35°C to shape. Can be decorated according to different utensils and themes.

foodmate carrangeen

Use as a pudding powder ingredient.

Flavouring powders, milk powder, egg yolk powder, icing sugar, emulsifiers and compound hydrocolloids can be mixed according to the type of product and then sold in different sizes of packaging according to different sales channels.

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Foodmate Carrangeen

FoodGel™ J Series is made from natural seaweed-derived carrageenan and high quality konjac gum, scientifically compounded to produce a wide range of textures or layers of jelly with a Q-tip, crunchy, soft and smooth texture.

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