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In 1874, Dr. M. Halman and Dr. G. Tayman in Germany successfully synthesized vanillin, which is the first spice synthesized by human beings and the most widely used spice so far.

Over 200℃, the loss of vanillin is 90%. How to improve the thermal stability of vanillin,keep the aroma of vanillin for a long time , and reduce the use-cost?After three years of research and development, we have successfully developed Foodvanil™ , which slowly releases the aroma of vanilla beans at high temperatures.

Application:Bread, Biscuits, Chocolate, Confectionary


  • Use-cost reduced by 15%: FoodVanil™ reduces the use-cost of spices by 15%
  • High temperature stability:"Double shell" microcapsule technology can be more resistant to high temperature and slowly release the aroma
  • Easy to use:The use method in food is the same as vanillin.Simple and easy to use


FoodVanil™ uses microencapsulation technology.

The stability of vanillin at high temperature can be improved by embedding unstable vanillin in microcapsules by embedding technology.In this way, vanillin's volatilization is greatlyreduced, and vanillin's aroma is more stable and rich.

Spherical microcapsules can protect the stability of vanillin
under high temperature baking conditions and reduce vanillin volatilization. Therefore, microcapsule products have a higher vanillin retention rate under high temperature baking conditions.


Vanillin is completely Volatilized in 150-250℃.
FoodVanil Vanillin is volatilized until 500℃.

105℃ Volatility detection

Four hours later in 105℃, vanillin is volatilized 58%,
but FoodVanil™ Vanillin is volatilized 13%.


Q: What are the characteristics of vanillin? What are the main applications?
A: Vanillin is known as the queen of spices and is mainly in the natural Vanilla fragrans.At present, it is mainly chemical synthesis.Vanillin is widely used in daily chemical, tobacco, pastry, confectionery, beverage and baked food industries, and is one of the largest production of synthetic flavors in the world.

Vanillin is not only added to vanilla-flavored products, but is used as a base flavor because it enhances the flavor and sweetness of the product.It used as a base for most ice creams.

Q: What is the characteristics of vanillin?
A: Vanillin is insoluble in cold water, only in hot water, glycerin and alcohol. But in the process of food processing, glycerin and alcohol should be reduced, which is contrary to the need for clean labels; Easily oxidized, will lose function; Volatilizes easily at high temperatures, increasing usage and cost.

Q: What problems can be solved by embedding the carrier (microcapsule)?
A: Solubilization, stabilization, protection, controlled release, sustained release and targeting.

Q: What is the main material for embedding?
A: Beta cyclodextrin

Q: What problems do Foodvanil™ solve?
A: High temperature environment to reduce volatilization: thermogravimetric analysis showed that 200℃, 20 minutes, The retention rate of vanillin pure product is 20.57%; The retention rate of Foodvanil™ is 80.12%. Foodvanil™ allow the fragrance to release more slowly and for longer.Solubility: Foodvanil™ is soluble in cold water, 50% alcohol, insoluble in pure glycerin and alcohol.

Q: What are the differences between Vanillin and Foodvanil™?
A: Food application: Foodvanil™ can better enhance the sweetness and milk taste of food. Vanillin has a strong vanilla flavor.

Appearance: Foodvanil™ is in powder form. Vanillin is mainly crystal.

Solubility: Foodvanil™ soluble in cold water, hot water, 50% alcohol, insoluble in pure glycerin and pure alcohol; Vanillin soluble in glycerin, alcohol, insoluble in cold water.

If you have special requirements for Foodvanil™, we can upgrade the product according to your expectations.

Q: The flavor of FoodVanil™ is not strong enough, which is different from vanillin?
A: When Foodvanil™ is embedded, its fragrance releases more gently and for a longer period of time, unlike vanillin. If you need a very explosive fragrance, we can solve it through the recipe. It can not only make the fragrance more exciting, but also retain the stability and durability of Foodvanil™.

Q: What are the embedded materials? Does it meet edible standards?
A: The main raw material is Beta cyclodextrin. All materials are edible and unlimited addition.

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